September 18, 2023

Havfram selects Hatenboer water systems from Ålesund Maritime

Hatenboer-Water Asia has recently received two orders from China Shipyard CMHI on behalf of the Norwegian owner Havfram for the construction of two WTIV vessels.

Our principal Hatenboer-Water writes: "Having good and safe water on board is crucial for the operational efficiency of any ship or drilling platform. At Hatenboer, we have extensive maritime experience, providing us with a deep understanding of all activities at sea. We treat water from every source until it meets the required quality at every faucet, ensuring it is safe and healthy for the crew. Our focus is on providing a safe working environment, high-quality water supply, service, innovation, and improvement, minimizing downtime, easy access to spare parts and consumables, global services, and local, knowledgeable support.

Hatenboer-Water Asia will supply the complete equipment for freshwater and water treatment for these vessels. This represents significant recognition of their expertise in the maritime industry and contributes to a more sustainable future in shipbuilding. This shipyard specializes in the construction of offshore installations, LNG carriers, cruise ships, self-elevating oil drilling platforms, and other specialized maritime equipment, playing a vital role in advancing the maritime sector."

Ålesund Maritime looks forward to continue our great relation to Havfram onwards, during the construction phase of the ships, and not at least once they are delivered.

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