February 19, 2021

Ålesund Maritime AS to represent Hatenboer-Water in Norway

Ålesund Maritime and Hatenboer-Water started a partnership once both organisations noticed each other's vision and core values

Ålesund Maritime AS Managing Director, Ole Andre Grebstad: "Hatenboer-Water fits well into our portfolio of true green products, as their reverse osmosis technology benefits the shipowner with reliable safe water onboard with low power consumption. And not at least the Bottle Filling Stations for plastic reduction onboard is certainly a win for the environment. In addition, Hatenboer-Water represents predictability being the most experienced supplier of reverse osmosis worldwide."


The Hatenboer group choose for the reverse osmosis technology in the 1970's. Their track record is impressive, with reliable operations in offshore and maritime environments with +7/k systems. The company started in 1906 with the supply of drinking water to seagoing vessels in the Netherlands, they now also have offices in Singapore, Dubai and Houston and are backed-up by agents on strategic places. Hatenboer-Water wants to position himself in the vicinity of their maritime and offshore clientele, to be able to act swiftly on any water related concern.


Guy Heijnen, CCO Hatenboer-Water, gift us a further introduction:

"Hatenboer-Water is a world-wide operating specialist in (drinking) water treatment for offshore, maritime and fishing industry projects. With an own engineering and R&D department, a modern workshop with test facilities we deliver state of the art sustainable desalination units to produce 24/7 any kind of water onboard. As we gained a lot of knowledge over the years on dealing with water hazards and flag state regulations, we also offer consultancy services for policies on water management for (cruise) ships and online legionella awareness courses. A global sampling and analyses service is inhouse. Making us a full-service partner."


Ålesund Maritime will proudly represent the reliable Hatenboer-Water solutions for ample and good quality water on board. If you do have any questions, please contact us at +47 976 03 595.


Ole Andre Grebstad

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