Hasytec Electronics

Dynamic biofilm protection (DBP) from Hasytec Electronics is an anti-growth innovation that entails significantly lower operating costs for the shipping company. This is the obvious environmentally friendly solution which, for example, means that the use of copper in coolers and anti-fog top coats on the hull is no longer necessary.

Specially developed for professional maritime use, the award-winning Hasytec system provides maintenance-free protection for the propeller, hull, box coolers, plate heat exchangers and freshwater generators. Using only high-quality materials and European production, Hasytec makes an industry leader in ultrasonic fouling protection. The system is type approved by Dnv, we give a 5 year guarantee on the result and the system is delivered to over 250 ships. About 10% of these are Norwegian ships.

Other products

Eltorque Electric actuators and valve control system

Eltorque's actuator's unique design is part of a control system that allows the crew to open and close the valves from the bridge or the ECR. And this with the lowest OPEX compared to known competition.


Hatenboer-Water is a worldwide specialist in drinking water treatment for offshore, maritime and land-based projects.

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