Bawat's unique patented ballast water purification system uses pasteurization as a processing process. The system is IMO and US Coast Guard approved, works for all water types and temperatures, anywhere in the world, ensuring complete D2 compliance.

Bawat BWMS uses surplus heat on board. The technology is based on pasteurization, and there is no need for consumables, such as UV or biocides. Ballast water treatment is done between ports and has no impact on loading and unloading, the system handles all kinds of seawater quality, there is no holding time and no re-driving until the water can be pumped overboard.

The system involves low opex, and contains only standard marine components.

As an alternative to whether our onboard-installed BWTS system, Bawat's container-based ballast water purification system is mobile, and allows water treatment on land or on barge, in ports, terminals or yards, and if an on-board-installed system is not installed or does not work.

Other products

Eltorque Electric actuators and valve control system

Eltorque's actuator's unique design is part of a control system that allows the crew to open and close the valves from the bridge or the ECR. And this with the lowest OPEX compared to known competition.


Hatenboer-Water is a world's immersive specialist in drinking water treatment for offshore, maritime and agricultural projects.

Hasytec Electronics

Dynamic biofilm protection (DBP) from Hasytec Electronics is an anti-growth innovation that entails significantly lower operating costs for the shipping company. This is the obvious environmentally friendly solution which, for example, means that the use of copper in coolers and anti-fog top coats on the hull is no longer necessary.

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